The science of witchcraft like “harry potter”

Interactive play does not have to be limited to the image displayed on the console. Everyone has the chance to play and practice using their body as one of the interface elements. Those interested in magic will find professional code-written literature that will teach you many useful spells and charms. Young archaeologists and paleontologists will find answers to how dinosaurs looked, how many bones they had and how millions of creatures moved.

According to the announcement on November 14, the long-awaited “Book of Spells”, which for every fan of the story of the young wizard Harry Harper, will appear in the sale will teach magic, charm and charms. For parents it is also an investment in the education of children. Sony has announced more games that will reach Wonderbook and Moove controller.

A hardcover book with graphic codes can turn into an amazing learning tool. On pages of chalky matte paper, the characters that the PS3 console camera interprets according to the game input are listed.

Along with Wonderbook appeared a book of spells, which contains secret knowledge, straight from Hogwarts. Children and adults will happily train with the greatest teenage levitation skills, catch a dragon or open the door with a wand and waving word.